Enroll as Teacher

How can I become a LA LA teacher?

There are two ways by which you can become a LA LA Language trainer

Join as a volunteer

Are you an English literature student looking to improve your language skills? Then LA LA’s volunteer campaign is just the thing for you because we believe that while you teach, you learn better. You can sign up with us right away as a volunteer and start teaching LA LA students.

Enroll as a full / part-time teacher

We at LA LA Language want to build a big teaching community across the globe. The procedure to enroll as a teacher is simple starting with acknowledging your interest in becoming a LA LA Language trainer through our website. Share your current profile with us. There will be a preliminary screening where you will be asked to make a short video answering a few of our questions. If you clear the preliminary screening, we will schedule a personal interview with you.


LA LA teachers are paid according to the number of hours they teach. Teachers have the flexibility to choose their time of teaching. You can sign up for as many as eight and as low as a single class per day. A teacher can also earn extra money on every enrollment into advanced programs based on their recommendation. Apart from the LA LA curriculum, teachers can also charge for the time they spend on training a student in their personal language work. For e.g., you can charge a student for training him/her for a speech competition or a poetry recital.

LA LA LANGUAGE is also associated with many public and private educational institutions and LA LA teachers can work at these institutions on a yearly basis.

LA LA LANGUAGE is committed to recognizing those teachers that go the extra mile. If you love to push your boundaries and take up new challenges, you can become a part of LA LA’s administrative team.

In addition, exceptional LA LA teachers can earn perks like free flight tickets, trophies, mementos, gifts, and other goodies based on their performance